ZYIA Sizing Features- How To Choose The Best Fit?

Is Zyia sizing precisely as described on their charts?

ZYIA Active leggings run true to size in about 90% of the cases. So, another ten percent is not true to size. 

That’s why consulting a Zyia representative makes sense!

Based on these reps’ expertise and crowdsourcing within Zyia networks, Zyia reps can assist you in determining which leggings need sizing up or down.



Leggings that slip down at the waist are usually too small. It’s too large if it sags at the crotch.

That’s a safe bet for most brands because many customers find them uncomfortable.

Aside from that, there’s the issue of compression to think about when buying leggings. It’s a divisive issue; some people love it, while others hate it.

Assuming you prefer a lot of compressions, your ZYIA representative will state that the product is true to size. 

Let them know if compression is not your thing or if you want anything different from the standard suffocating feeling.

If you’ve never tried working out in high-compression leggings before, you’ll be amazed at how great your legs feel.

Your legs and bottom will look amazing after you exercise these high-compression leggings if you’ve never worn them before.


zyia sizing - Inseam

A larger size does not imply that you are taller. Therefore, Zyia offers the same inseam for all types of leggings.

The crop ones have 17 inches, Capri has 20 inches, 7/8 has 24 inches, and full length has 28 inches.

ZYIA Features – Zyia Sizing

zyia sizing - ZYIA Features

1- Four-Way Stretch

The cloth used to sew the garment has excellent horizontal and vertical stretch. 

This sort of stretch enables you to move more freely without having to contend with the restriction of a conventional fabric.

2- High Compression

The garment features a maximum compression level for more excellent muscle support, a stay-put fit, and a streamlined overall profile. 

If you want an item that is more relaxed with an ultra-compression garment, go up a size.

3- Support

While working out or doing regular activities, the garment gives additional muscular support.

4- Temperature Control

Zyia garments utilize technical fabric mixes to keep you cool even during the most strenuous exercises.

5- Ventilation

You’ll stay cool and dry in this garment because of the mesh or other design components that let airflow in areas where it’s needed the most.

6- Sweat Absorbent

Wearing this clothing will help keep you dry by wicking moisture away from your skin and out to the environment. 

This evaporation helps your body stay at a more comfortable temperature while also keeping you dry.

7- Odor Resistance

The clothing has copper in it to keep bacteria from growing. When germs can’t develop, gym clothes won’t get that dreaded smell.

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Conclusion – Zyia Sizing

Compared to other brands’ exercise leggings, Zyia has a smoother and more attractive silhouette because they are primarily high-waisted. 

They also precisely hit where you want them to, so there’s no excuse for a weird-looking top.

You may choose from various colors, designs, and styles by sending a Zyia rep a message. You’ll also receive a percent off on your first buy when you do so.

Check out my favorite leggings at Zyia.