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With the summer season coming, it’s your opportunity to pull out the shorts. Specifically, Zyia shorts.

There are plenty of alternatives for everyone at Zyia Active. You may use it to run for errands, going to eat, working out and jogging, or just lazing about; Zyia Active offers what you need.

The Zyia Active Shorts blend functionality with fashion so that you can use them anytime and anywhere. 

Zyia uses performance fabric for their activewear and may be worn both in and out of the gym. 

Its fashion-forward elements will both make you feel and look great!

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Summer Shorts

zyia shorts - Summer Shorts

These shorts are technically athletic shorts since they use a lightweight, quick-drying fabric combination. But they have a look and feel of a regular short that you can use anytime.

The Summer Shorts are available in three different colors: black, olive, and lavender. 

You’ll be comfortable and fashionable at the same time, thanks to a bit of elasticity and an elastic band that won’t expand or roll out.

There are 2.5 inches inseam just on cuffs, and the material is composed of 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex. It prices approximately $49, which is a reasonable price considering the quality of the product.

Meanwhile, these shorts are true to size or one size down if you’re in-between size options.

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Sky Blue Club Shorts

Sky Blue Club Shorts

Zyia used a fine soft, matte blue fabric that is both attractive and flexible for these shorts. 

Thanks to Zyia’s quick-drying performance fabric, these shorts are comfortable and stylish, making them look less like athletic shorts.

The Sky Blue Club shorts are true to size, but you can size down to make it work better if your size is in between the available sizes.

The club shorts are only $55, but the four-way elastic fabric makes them incredibly comfortable to wear all day. Due to the shorts’ 75 percent polyester and 25 percent spandex composition, they are pretty comfy.

Finally, the pockets are lightweight, and the waist has a paracord drawstring to keep it in place.

Mesh Energy Shorts

zyia shorts - Mesh Energy Shorts

These shorts are best for running all day because of the mesh bikini liner, stretchy waistband, zippered back pocket, and hidden drawstring.  

The Mesh Energy Shorts are available in the colors black and plum. These shorts are also true to size, but if between sizes, size down one. It has a tulip-style hem with three ⅔ inches of inseam.

With a flattering feminine hemline, you will look and feel good wearing these.  

And because it is a mesh short, the super soft fabric allows breathability and stretch because of the 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex.

Training Day Mesh Shorts

The Training Day Mesh Shorts, which are available in maroon and black, are available in one style of mesh shorts.

For $39, you can purchase a pair of highly breathable shorts and have a complete lining. Although it is a two-way stretch fabric, it is slightly stretchy in all four directions.

The lining is made entirely of cotton, and the fabric is 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex in composition. It retains its stretchiness, and the drawstrings help to keep them in place around your waistline.

Black and Camo 5 Star Shorts

Black and Camo 5 Star Shorts

Your run will be more comfortable with these shorts. The chafe-free lining, almost hidden key pockets on each hip, and zippered rear pocket in the waistband was for your next run to be easy. 

Take what you need in these pockets without rolling hem or worn drawstrings.  Also, the compression never digs or pinches your shorts up.

Hustle Shorts

Hustle shorts, Zyia’s take on the classic bike shorts, are available in various colors and lengths.

They are available as seamless, with pockets and without pockets. There are also several different inseam lengths offered.

Seamless Hustle Short

Seamless Hustle Short

These seamless hustle shorts are available in hot pink, navy, and forest colors with a 4 inches tall ribbed waistband. 

The inseams are five inches for the hot pink variation, while the navy inseams are 4.5 inches. 

It is not irritating to wear, thanks to the nylon and elastane material of the fabric with minimal seams. 

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Light n’ Tight Hustle Short

Light n Tight Hustle Short

This four-way stretch hustle short allows you to move comfortably without the feeling of restrictions on the waist and thighs. The highly compressive waistband has no elastic in the hems. 

It is stretchy because of the spandex and polyester material in the fabric, not to mention that its inseam is 4 inches in length for all sizes. 

You can get these shorts in the fantastic designs of fig, camo, safari, and leopard prints.

Light n’ Tight Black Hustle Short

Light n' Tight Black Hustle Short

Black outfit is always the best outfit choice; even more with black Zyia hustle shorts. It also has no elastic hem, but the polyester and spandex fabric make it highly stretchable.

The inseams vary from three inches and eight inches for the matte option, while ten inches for the metallic style. 

The almost invisible pockets and the compressive waistband are other details to look out for in these Light n’ Tight black hustle shorts. 

Luxe Hustle Short

zyia shorts - Luxe Hustle Short

The list goes on for the available hustle shorts that Zyia offers, and Luxe is one of them. This forest or camo variation of hustle shorts has invisible pockets.

It also fits nicely because of the high rise style of the waist, which makes it stylish and makes the legs look longer. There’s a 3 inches inseam which is still a decent length. 

Forest Camo  

The combination of nylon and spandex fabric allows the fabric to be mildly stretchable. 

Brilliant Hustle Short

Brilliant Hustle Short

These Brilliant hustle shorts are indeed a brilliant addition to your shorts collection. You can flaunt your leopard print if you’re going for a fun style or grey if you want a more monotone style. 

The inseam is 2.5 inches, and the overall shorts feel smooth. It hugs your waist nicely because of the wide waistband and the stretchy back seam.

Meanwhile, the side strings add a little style to these shorts so that you can wear them casually too. The fabric is slightly stretchy with the nylon and spandex combination. 

2.5″ inseam length

Canyon Shorts

Canyon Shorts - zyia shorts

Be prepared to be amazed by these shorts. You can use it wherever, from the highlands to the beach, and everywhere under the sun. 

The Canyon shorts are ready to accompany you on your journey, no matter where you are. These comfortable four-way stretch shorts absorb sweat.

They are available in two lengths: short inseam in black or dark khaki and long in navy, both with a 2 inches inseam. 

These shorts are a little tiny, so go up a size. However, there is good news: there are two front pockets for you to utilize.

It is incredibly durable, thanks to the double topstitching used throughout the polyester fabric.

Velocity Shorts

Velocity Shorts

You can expect a quick-drying technology with shorts named Velocity. These Velocity shorts quickly absorb the sweat, so you will feel less irritated when working out. 

You can get them in red and green, with an unlined fabric. It is slightly stretchy, thanks to the nylon and spandex fabric.

The shorts considerably rest on your waist with the flat waistband and drawstrings. You won’t need to suffer the annoying struggle of the rolling waistband hem.

Flow Shorts

Flow Shorts

For a cuter twist on your Zyia shorts, these Flow shorts are available in pink and white with a split side and tulip cut so you can expand your movements. 

As usual, it also has two pockets in the inner short which are not too noticeable. The two layers of shorts have 2.5 inches for the internal, while three inches for the outer. 

These shorts are also stretchable because it is 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex. 

Flip It Shorts

Flip It is a seamless take on the Zyia shorts, which makes them reversible to wear. You can’t choose which design you want? Then have both!

The pockets on the hip part have zippers, and the two layers of the shorts make it possible to wear them on either side. 

It also has a slight stretch on the fabric, a combination of polyester and spandex, so you can easily glide and exercise. 

Not Just A Trail Short

Not Just A Trail Short- zyia shorts

These shorts could be your trail shorts, but then again; it is not just trail short. You can always use these shorts for other activities than trailing. 

It has lightweight pockets in mesh and a zipper, and snaps closure on the front. The cloth feels smooth because of the elastic-free waistband, so it feels light on the side. 

You can expect it to be long-lasting because of the double topstitching on the exterior, so no matter how extreme your activity is for the day, the shorts will survive. 

They are available in black, white, red, and blue, so you can choose which color fits your style and energy. 

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