Zyia Reviews: Clothes and Customer Reviews

The first step in getting back into exercise is obtaining the right gear.

Among popular brands like Lululemon and Fabletics, you’ve probably heard of Zyia Active.

Now you are looking for Zyia reviews and where to find them.

Stick around, as this article will look into Zyia Active and Zyia clothing reviews.

There will also be other info to see if this brand is worth your money.

We Hear You


Erin Bradley and her family started Zyia Active in 2017.

The idea came from a hike Bradley took with some friends.

Inspired by a group of active women, the founder decided to help them grow in the activewear industry.

Erin also won the National Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020.

This brand has only been around for about five years, but on Instagram alone, they already have over 139k followers.

These statistics are reasonable for a company that is still relatively young.

This lifestyle brand pushes customers to be their best by giving them an easy-to-use starter kit to sign up new reps.

Health, activity, and community have been the brand’s foundation for the past four years.

Include friends and family in your workout routine to make being active more fun.

This brand is all about health and wellness.

Light, vision, and growth are at the heart of their business.

People new to the fitness world and personal trainers who have been in the industry for a long time prefer this company.

They keep things interesting by adding new products and representatives to their line.


  • Offers a variety of workout clothes for men, women, and kids to encourage active living.
  •  There are things for eco-living
  •  Fitness that focuses on the community
  •  Material that wicks away moisture
  •  Leggings with built-in compression elastics for natural support
  •  There are size charts to help customers find the right fit.
  •  Keeping all of this in mind, let’s look at some Zyia products for this review. When you go shopping, you can find size charts. 

Check the sizes to make sure you order the correct size.

Some clothes are said to run small, so it’s always best to order a size up.

Zyia Active Reviews

Starting with the Better Business Bureau, it’s simple to show Zyia’s trustworthiness.

This business has a B rating because it responds to customers quickly.

A lot of genuine customer reviews show up on Facebook.

Based on more than 400 reviews on this social media platform, this business has a 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Even though there are few reviews on their page, some great posts from buyers build up the brand.

Some are complaining about their order needing to be worth the price.

Some try to recommend adding sizes because they liked the product, but it just needed more variety in sizes.

Most, however, comment about how they enjoyed their experience with Zyia’s customer service.

The brand undertakes to find a satisfactory response to every comment.

That’s one point in their favor due to their customer service.

Also, the fact that there have been so few complaints after years in business shows that their service and products are generally decent.

Reviews from representatives have also popped up from a site called “Indeed.”

So far, the reviews state that the company treats its employees like family.

They have also stated that they have many activities ranging from lunches to team-building exercises.

Let’s go through some Zyia clothing reviews to get a good idea of their quality and prices.

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Zyia Charcoal Mood Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise Capri (20″)

Plain doesn’t have to mean neutral.

The Charcoal Mood Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise Capris show how stylish you can be without giving up neutral colors.

We all love an essential pair of black leggings that go with any shirt, but Zyia knows there are different ways to wear dark colors.

With a marbled black, dark blue, and brown pattern, these leggings keep the dark color but step up the design.

The neutral colors of these leggings make them great to wear with any top.

No matter how you pair these leggings, they will look good.

You can stick with the nature theme or try something new, like a neon top.

Remember that being seen is always essential for jogging.

You can buy these capris for $65.

Zyia Black Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 (24″)

Zyia Black Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise

With the Black Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise 7/8 Leggings, you can shine a new way.

The Zyia Black Metallic Leggings take black to a new level by adding a bit of shine to an otherwise dull day.

Metallic black sparkles in the light and makes any woman feel comfortable.

All body types can look slimmer in these leggings, which have a small amount of compression to keep workouts secure and supported no matter what kind of workout.

These leggings are available for $71.

Zyia Cranberry Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise Legging (28′′)

The Cranberry Metallic Light n Tight Hi-Rise Leggings add just enough glam without going overboard.

They are perfect for Fall and Winter or if you want a change from black.

Spandex and polyester ensure that these leggings stay cool and dry even when working out hard.

These leggings fit close to the body and show off every curve while keeping the muscles steady for each squat.

What doesn’t come with these beautiful cranberry leggings?

They wick away sweat and have compression bands. These tights have almost everything.

The most remarkable thing about these leggings? They have hidden pockets. 

Two hidden pockets, to be exact. With the assurance that your keys, ID, and phone are safe, you can jog while at ease.

These leggings are available for $71.

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Final Thoughts

Zyia Active is worth trying out.

From their affordable prices to being relatively trustworthy as a newer brand.

Though there are cheaper alternatives, their quality makes you think you are purchasing apparel similar to brands like Lululemon.

Just remember that not all brand’s clothes are going to work universally.

That’s why we recommend you try them out first to see if they are compatible with your body’s general shape.