Zyia Return Policy – Hassle Free And Customer Friendly

In this post, you’ll know what Zyia return policy and exchange policy are so you can return or exchange items you bought from ZYIA Active.

zyia return policy

Zyia Return Policy

You must include the original packaging for an exchange or refund item and ship it back to ZYIA within 30 days of the purchase date.

You can start the process of returns and exchanges by contacting your ZYIA representative. They’ll create a return ID and let you know what to do next. 

When you mail your returns, save a copy of the tracking number for your records.

Within 30 days of obtaining your item, you have the option of returning it for a refund or an exchange in its original packaging.

You’ll have to go via your rep for this, so plan and give yourself plenty of time to hear back from them.

If you opt for a refund, you should know that there’s a $2 restocking charge as a deduction from your total. 

Meanwhile, if you decide to exchange the item, you will get a credit for the entire value of the returned item. 

You’re under no obligation to purchase the same thing twice. 

Exchange Policy

For items returned within 30 days of purchase, ZYIA ACTIVE will refund your money. These items will be refunded or credited. 

You must not open and use the items when returning them. It also has to be in its original packaging. 

Neither the product nor any part of it may be damaged while it is in your possession.

Returned products include those acquired on a Representative’s duplicated website and supplied straight to the client by Zyia. 

It will be the responsibility of the company to return the money to the consumer. 

On the other hand, you must return the items that a representative sold you from their inventory to the Zyia rep who sold them. 

The representative is in charge of issuing the reimbursement to the consumer.

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Return Conditions

zyia return policy Return Conditions

Abuse or misuse of items will result in no refund. Closeouts, clearance sales, and other “special” sales that are nonrefundable will also result in no refunds.

Notify your ZYIA representative as soon as possible if you get a damaged, broken, or faulty item. 

ZYIA Active will only consider these claims if they are received and processed within five business days. 

You may thoroughly inspect any shipments of products or tools and get in touch with the rep or company right away if there are any issues. 

Also, you may need to prepare photos as proof.

Representatives and their couriers are liable for any shipments that are missing in transit. However, once a shipment leaves the warehouse, ZYIA Active is not accountable anymore.

Unfortunately, suppose you don’t notify Zyia or the rep within five business days regarding any damage or errors. In that case, they will be unable to replace any lost orders or fix any shipments. 

Please double-check all orders for tools and products as soon as you receive them.

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Shipping Process 

Zyia allows returns and exchanges under the business policy; however, shipping expenses are your responsibility.

Some reps will pay for the postage and provide you with a prepaid label, saving you the trip to the post office. It was something some did even before more folks started staying at home.

Your time is highly precious, so some reps do it themselves. They don’t want to be in charge of completing a task on your to-do list that involves going to the post office.

If you want to know a rep’s policy, ask them beforehand.