ZYIA Light n Tight Review – How Good Are They??

If your leggings easily tear when squatting and feel icky due to sweat, then is it the best leggings out there? This article is for a Zyia light n tight legging review.

Good thing that Zyia Light n’ Tight leggings offer just those: squat-proof and sweat-proof pants that can be your best workout buddy.

These high-quality leggings with the two best features deserve a spot in your wardrobe. To prove that, this article will review Zyia leggings and why you will love them. 

zyia light n tight

Pockets on Zyia Light n Tight Leggings

Women’s lower body clothing often lacks pockets, but Zyia is here to provide what they essentially need! Zyia leggings have pockets to place your phone, wallet, or lip balm. 

If you are going out for a long run, these pockets are ideal for keeping your valuables without looking awkward and feeling uncomfortable. 

Also, they are deep, not the usual shallow pockets that lady’s jeans have, so you are sure that they are functional. Your phone will not fall, or your coins will not bounce.

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Workout-proof zyia light n tight

The Zyia Light n’ Tight endures the test of various workout activities like squats, running, and crunches. 

Honestly, most women constantly check if their underwear is visible in their leggings when they start to sweat a lot. You don’t need to sweat about that with these pairs of leggings!

They have a great fit that you don’t need to tug them all the time to feel comfortable. The pants stay in place and keep you confident while exercising. 

When doing squats, most leggings tend to stretch and become transparent at the bottom.

However, Zyia legging remains opaque even at a full squat, so you don’t need to bother about underwear flashing or other concerns because these parts are a blindspot with the fabric used. 

Almost 90% of the Zyia Active leggings collection are squat proof, so there is much to choose from the line. As long as they are in the Light n’ Tight category, they are squat-proof.


These leggings have one of the best compression you’ll ever have from leggings. If you use a pair with standard compression, then you’ll find this one impressive. 

Your legs will feel unique while working out because it has high compression. Just the feel and look of your legs in this pair will make you more motivated.

Want to know a bonus? Your backside will also look great with this compression!

However, there may be some of you who don’t like too much compression. You can always size up and ask for a recommendation on what to get. 

It is still important to feel comfortable first while looking fabulous. Everyone wants a win-win situation!


Zyia also offers a variety of length sizes so women of different sizes can choose.

For the shorter ones, there are leggings in size 20 inches inseam in the Capri length. The position of the inseam depends on your leg length, but it will generally land above the ankle or just below. 

There are also crop leggings, full-length, and 7/8 ones. It may depend on which style you prefer to wear, so you need to be careful before buying. 

When it comes to size, not every large size means tall, so Zyia leggings offer the same inseam for the different length sizes. 

Capri length is 20 inches, the crop is 17 inches, 7/8 is 24 inches, and the full-length leggings are 28 inches. 



Some leggings don’t give justice to a woman’s figure because the waist doesn’t sit right. The compression is always at the most unflattering bit, and it can make someone conscious while working out. 

However, Zyia leggings are mostly high-waisted to give you a more flattering silhouette, unlike other leggings. 

So next time, if you’re looking for leggings that will make you feel and look good, choose Zyia Light n’ Tight to give your curves a nice and smooth figure. 


As mentioned, Zyia offers various sizes, but they also have a lot of colors and designs. You may like a simple plain color or want a hot design and still find the best pair for you.

Final Thoughts

Zyia Light n’ Tight leggings are ideal for outdoor exercises like running because the pockets will surely come in handy. Not to mention, the compression will make your figure look better, so why not flaunt it?

They are also great for other exercises that may need extreme movements because these pants stay in place. 

You don’t necessarily have to exercise to wear these pants. They look stylish and feel comfortable that you can run some errands wearing them.

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