Zyia Leggings Review – How Good Are They Really???

In this article, leggings are the main highlight. For women who enjoy athletic activities, comfort is an important feature for leggings. So, this article will be a Zyia leggings review.

Most leggings in the market are versatile that you can wear to work out, work, run errands, go on dates, visit parks, or even to bed.   

This post compiled most leggings that Zyia offers that would be the best ones for you. These pants are just one of the most exceptional leggings to share with you!

It may be challenging for fashion lovers to decide whether to stick to what they know or go into new and intriguing territory. 

However, there’s a lot more variety now, and they add new products every day.

In recent years, sportswear, in particular, has seen a significant transformation. Not only are there more styles to select from, but there are also technological enhancements that will help you better your game.

In comparison, Zyia Activewear is a newborn; despite being just a few years old, they provide high-quality athleisure clothing for men, women, and children.

Zyia Leggings Review

Zyia’s Story

Zyia, an active lifestyle direct sales company, started in 2017 after a moonlight hike, a group of women.

These women “believe in embracing activity with excitement, vigor, and delight,” which became the company’s ethos. 

The brand focused on spending quality time with friends and family.

Zyia’s CEO, Erin Bradley, mentioned in several interviews that their clothes are from the same overseas shop manufacturers as their competitors, which is noteworthy.

Possibly, this is a sign that they maintain a consistent level of quality throughout their product line.

Read More on the Zyia Active Story


It’s tough to tell the variation between the Zyia and other activewear brands if it depends only on their styles.

Every brand offers a wide range of vibrant, brilliant colors, strong patterns, subdued neutrals, and lovely pastels to choose from, so does Zyia. 

It’s tough to tell the difference between the Zyia and other activewear brands if it depends only on their styles. Given that Zyia’s primary target market is females, it is not a surprise that their products are extensive.

Zyia attempts to reach both men and children in equal measure. A significant portion of catalog buyers may be purchasing items for themselves and their families.

Because Zyia is a direct sales firm, they publish regular catalogs and introduce new products weekly.


In contrast to some rival manufacturers like Lululemon, Zyia isn’t quite as open about what distinguishes their collections in terms of fabric quality and design from each line. 

However, Zyia states that most of the fabrics they utilize have a 4-way stretch to allow mobility and compression.

However, the only feature that they acknowledge is the use of antimicrobial textiles. They claim that they include other design features and technologies. 

Fibers infused with copper used are present in the fabric to reduce the chances for bacterial growth.

As reassuring as the fact that these high-quality leggings are best for those who sweat a lot, it would be helpful to know what separates Zyia All-Star from other brands.

Additionally, Zyia mentioned that they want a more environmentally friendly method of garment manufacturing. 

These technologies may include using plant-based and recycled fibers wherever feasible and utilizing as much recyclable packaging as possible.


Zyia’s sizes range from XXS to 4XL, making them accessible and available for women of all sizes. 

Athletes come in various shapes and sizes, so nearly anyone may find clothing appropriate for them in Zyia.

Also, Zyia products contain product descriptions with information on the support or compression level per clothing piece. They educate their consumers on what to expect before purchasing.

Zyia provides a Rep service, which is essentially their shopping system, for individuals who are worried or unwilling to make a decision. 

Get in contact with a Zyia professional for assistance in ensuring you receive the best fit possible.


Zyia is usually a more affordable alternative to high-end activewear companies. Zyia is often approximately 20% less expensive from a pricing standpoint, which is a significant amount already for those on a budget.

The Zyia Representative system may not be everyone’s cup of tea because they take the multi-level marketing (MLM) model.

Some people believe that multi-level marketing is akin to a pyramid scam. However, if you decide to become a Zyia Active Representative, the beginning package is $295.

It may be one of the causes why the business promotes the Zyia rep gimmick when purchasing Zyia merchandise.

Some people have expressed concern that some rep may require you to take one of everything. That, however, is not something to hold against Zyia’s clothes. 

Zyia Leggings Review: Zyia’s Best Leggings

Zyia’s bestsellers range from leggings to bras, and the company claims to provide various alternatives to your high-end brands. The following are some of their most popular choices:

Black Brilliant Hi-Rise Legging

Zyia Leggings Review - Black Brilliant Hi-Rise Legging

With a 28″ inseam and a true-to-size fit, this quick-drying technical fabric is an affordable choice, which does not quickly fade, shrink, and wrinkle.

Black All Star Bra

Black All Star Bra

A zipped back, a simple pull tab, and 360-degree vented mesh panels make this high fit neck bra. It is ideal for a stress-free workout.

Black Unwind Jogger

Black Unwind Jogger

Everyone needs a nice pair of sweatpants to keep them warm and comfortable. Zyia also offers a great pair which makes your overall figure look ten times better.

Their sweatpants will make your buttocks look fantastic.

Classic Navy Bomber Bra

Zyia Leggings Review - Classic Navy Bomber Bra

This lovely bra is a well-known customer pick since it can withstand repeated use. You’ll most likely be wearing it every day, so it is an excellent sign for a long-lasting product. 

Light n Tight Hi-Rise

Many clients are huge fans of them. The fabric is really thin but not close to being transparent.

Furthermore, they are appealing, which can be challenging to pull off with thinner leggings. 

Also, working out with Zyia’s compression support is a dream come true. Their pair of leggings has solid compression, which makes a lot of difference. 

They seem like a waste of money, but these pairs will exceed your hopes. 

You’ve found the perfect pair of high-quality leggings if you want to make a significant investment.


I hope you found this Zyia leggings review useful. Zyia may be a future rising sportswear brand as a more inexpensive alternative to other companies like Lululemon and others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Zyia good?

Yes, the items made by Zyia are of excellent quality. They are 10-20% less than brands like Lululemon, but the quality is similar. You get what you pay for.

Zyia established a reputation through the quality products they offer despite the affordable price. 

Is Zyia eco-friendly?

Zyia appears to be pursuing environmentally friendly techniques that are both sustainable and long-term. 

Some of their products, such as their bags, are from recycled materials. Furthermore, Zyia Active transitioned to an electronic warehousing system, which saves over 2,000,000 sheets yearly.

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