Getting Zyia Host Rewards Through Partying

You’ve probably already heard of ZYIA Active and the benefits of becoming one of their representatives. But did you know that if you host an event for your friends, family, and coworkers, you can earn ZYIA Host Rewards?

If you plan it, you can earn ZYIA Host Rewards while partying!

Stick around to learn more about the reward details and how to obtain them.

You and your friends will enjoy learning about ZYIA’s high-quality products as you shop through their unique activewear collection.

During the event, your guests will get advice and suggestions about products that match their interests in living an active life.

Also, anyone can try out samples of the ZYIA Active collection before buying anything.

Young Women wearing active wear in a Yoga Pose

What is ZYIA Active?

Zyia Active is a brand of clothing that wants to inspire and uplift by making activity fun and part of our lifestyle.

Zyia Active clothes are designed to fit the way we live.

It’s high-performance activewear for the most serious athletes, but it’s also cute enough for a woman who wants to look pretty and be comfortable at the same time.

With sizes from XXS to XXXL, every woman can find something that makes her feel good about herself.

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To get host credit benefits, ZYIA needs at least three orders at an event and a minimum of USD 200, CAD 260, or AUD 280 in sales, depending on which country you set up the event.

Zyia Host Rewards

  • A successful party with at least USD 200 in sales will give you a $20 benefit in host credits and 50% off on two items.
  •  A successful party with at least USD 600 in sales will give you a $65 benefit in host credits and 50% off on three products.
  •  A successful party with at least USD 1,000 in sales will give you a $150 benefit in host credits and 50% off on four products.
  •  A successful party with at least USD 2,000+ in sales will give you a $300 benefit in host credits and 50% off on eight products.

Representative Benefits For the Curious

In case you aren’t a representative and are curious about what benefits you can receive for being one!

  • 25% discounts on your activewear
  •  Extra income
  •  Flexible hours and no minimum sales per month.
  •  Bonuses
  •  Chances to travel, all-expense paid
  •  Training and acknowledgment
  •  There is no need to carry stock.
  •  Friendship and community

If interested, you can check the details on their official website and click the “join now” button. You will view their updated terms, which can change.

Another way is to contact any ZYIA Active representative you know for the current details.

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Getting Started

To create a party, you need to go to your ZYIA account, log into your Back Office and click “Events.”

Then, under “New Events,” choose the type of event you want to make. 

Then, follow the site’s instructions to fill in the event details.

If you are not a representative but would still like to host an event, contact your known representative from ZYIA.

You can also create Facebook groups or set up the party link from ZYIA days before the event.

Planning a Party?

Beautiful Women at a party.

It’s possible to organize a social gathering during the afternoon or evening. It can be with friends or even family. 

You can set up a pop-up event in a fitness studio in Los Angeles or any location ZYIA approves.

You will have to contact their representatives to confirm this, of course. 

You could even host an event online through Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Some recommendations include posting product highlights, live reviews, pictures, and videos during the event.

You can make giveaways, posts, likes, comments, reactions, forums, and anything that garners engagement.

You can tag friends, or do a get-together, whether it be eating out or anything active while promoting the products.

A girl’s night out isn’t out of the question; you can do almost anything as long as you girls have fun and promote the brand.

Receiving the Rewards

Receiving your rewards will depend on the country and Zyia’s current terms.

Don’t worry; this is usually either online, by email, or through goodies sent to your mailbox!

Only a few details about this are available to the public, so this is best coordinated directly with a Zyia Active representative..

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Final Thoughts

The prospect of earning, promoting, and getting rewards while hosting a party at an event is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Zyia Active is where everyone can earn while having a fun, active lifestyle.

A simple get-together at someone’s house will work once you attain the minimum sale. Have fun out there, and good luck!