ZYIA All-Star Bra – How It Is Better Than Other Bras?

Like many women, a lot prefer buying luxury brands of sports bras online. Most of the time, the only bras are available to hold the breasts in without feeling uncomfortable during exercises that need intense movement or jumping.

While searching for bras, ZYIA Activewear’s “high-impact” bra is one of the options you’ll see online. You may be a bit hesitant to try it because it sounds new. 

However, it comes in so many beautiful colors, and it is fantastic that it can replace all of your previous bras. 

These high-impact bras from ZYIA understand how to help women out with their passion by creating workout gear that matches flawlessly.

zyia all star bra

Zyia All-Star Bra – Pros

Using the ZYIA All-Star Bra, you can keep your chest in place during exercise or Plyometric workouts. It’s also adorable because of the wide range of colors available.

Aside from that, you will appreciate how true to size it is and how well-built it is for activities with many impacts. 

If you’re not sure about what to pick, decide how much compression you want before buying. 

Because of the mesh, this bra is excellent for activities like kickboxing and CrossFit and running and relaxing. The mesh is in front and back, so you have better ventilation. 

Also, there is an easy-pull tab zipper at the back to make it easier for you to wear and remove. The scooped neckline fits most shirts, and it will not look awkward. 

If you are not comfortable with cups, they are removable. It has a high-fit neck to keep you on your best performance, even in sports. 

Lastly, the bottom hem of the bra does not roll or pinch, thanks to the nylon and spandex fabric used. You can use this bra alone, and it will still look stylish.

Zyia All-Star Bra – Cons

If there could be one modification to this bra, it would be to make removing the inner cups a little bit simpler. 

It’s a pain to put them in and take them out of the bra. You don’t have to straighten them after every wash, which is excellent for those who use the washing machine, but not so great if you want to remove or replace them.

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Zyia All-Star Bra Sizing Tips

All-Star Bra Sizing Tips

Knowing what you’re going to do with the bra is critical. It’s so ZYIA representatives can suggest a ZYIA sports bra that’ll provide you with the support you require. 

The All-Star is suitable for activities such as running and those requiring a high level of impact absorption.

In addition, the chest circumference or number is critical. If you’re unsure about your size, go with the greater number rather than the smaller cup.

Sister sizing may be an option for some cup sizes that aren’t on the size chart. For example, 32C is equivalent to 34B, which is a small size.

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Overall, ZYIA All-Star Bra is an excellent choice to accompany you with your high-impact activities. You may never want to get them taken away from you because they are that great.