Story About Zyia Activewear

ZYIA Activewear is a brand that focuses on an active lifestyle. Many people are enthusiastic and find joy in taking on new challenges. 

Friends and family make it simpler and more pleasant to challenge yourself physically and mentally. 

Zyia aims to inspire and empower people by making exercises and activities a fun part of everyday life.

Erin Bradley

Erin Bradley zyia activewear

Erin Bradley, the CEO, and creator of Zyia, is the one behind the brand.

ZYIA started to encourage women to become healthier, more proactive, and more purposeful in life by bringing them together.

Erin loved going outdoors with friends and doing something physical or adventurous.

It is one of the most incredible activities for her to keep being active and cheerful. 

These moments inspired her to be more involved in her family.

Other aspects of her life improved when she started focusing on them. 

The process helped her become closer to her best self as a result.

She was able to disconnect from technology and other distractions by exercising and spending time outside.

Her activeness in physical activities allowed her, like any other lady, to be interested in athletic clothing.

She discovered that her past activewear choices were not something she loved. 

After talking with a few individuals, Erin soon formed a team that shared her activewear brand vision. 

She gathered friends interested in an active lifestyle, socializing, fashion, and feeling their best. 

For each product, Zyia took both appearance and functionality into consideration.

It’s challenging to find a brand that offers long-lasting, high-quality clothing that you can use for anything from running errands to extreme sports.

The foundation of Zyia is the start of encouraging women to become healthier and more active and find a sense of purpose in their lives. 

Those people that help promote the Zyia brand receive rewards, and it is a way to encourage others to do the same. 

People may earn free clothing, vacations, and money by sharing their love of exercise and high-quality sportswear with others.

They can be their employer and establish their hours.

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Jeremiah Bradley

Jeremiah Bradley

Jeremiah is Zyia’s founder Chairman of the board, and husband to Erin.

He is an ardent outdoors person who has worked in the Direct Sales channel for over 16 years.

While serving in several jobs, he was also CEO of a global corporation.

On the Zyia team, his direct sales expertise serves as the cornerstone for Zyia’s structured approach.

Since Zyia Active founding, Jeremiah has served as the company’s Chairman.

He and Erin have been together for over 18 years as husband and wife.

They have four children who also love traveling and the outdoors. 

His favorite activities are fishing, playing soccer, or horseback riding. 

Brenda Bradley

Brenda Bradley zyia activewear

Brenda is the co-founder and designer of Zyia Active.

When Brenda was young, his father stressed the need to be active and healthy.

Many of her fondest childhood memories include him and her participating in some physical activity together.

When she first lived in the United States, she had a tough time adjusting to a new pattern of life. 

After feeling better about herself, exercise was the most effective way to get through the most challenging and gloomy moments. 

Additionally, being physically active-inspired her to improve in various areas of her life.

Since then, she has developed a strong desire to be physically active and healthy while looking her best.

A second thing that became apparent to her was how pricey it could be to get the best-looking and highest-quality sporting clothing. 

As a fan of activewear, she loved the Zyia Active concept since it allowed everyone to access high-quality clothing without breaking the bank. 

Zach Bradley

Zach Bradley

After finishing a degree in International Business, Zach led expansions into Asia and Latin America markets.

He’s been Zyia Active President since its start in 2017, lending his knowledge to the company.

Zach began his career in finance before moving into direct sales, where he eventually became the Vice President of International Sales for a global corporation. 

Expansions into Asian and Latin American markets were possible because of his degree and expertise in International Business.

Zach’s role as President of Zyia Active allowed him to use that knowledge and experience.

He has been married to Brenda Bradley for 17 years.

He also enjoys outdoor traveling and spending time with his three sons.

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