Top Questions About Joining Zyia – Here Are My Answers

When it comes to being a Zyia Active Representative, there are various perks and drawbacks.  

Zyia Active is an excellent opportunity for those who like working with people and making money. 

Here I answer top questions about joining Zyia. Let’s read together.

Top Questions About Joining Zyia – FAQs

1- What Is A Zyia Active Representative?

You can inspire women and connect with others by helping them find clothes that make them feel beautiful as a Zyia Rep.

It also gives you the liberty to work whenever and wherever you choose. You may think of it as establishing a successful enterprise.

Finally, you’ll be able to save a ton of money on top-notch activewear and casual wear by just being a rep.

2- Who Can Be A Zyia Rep?

A Zyia sales representative can be anyone who wants to be one. This job is ideal for both people who are full-time employees and those who are unemployed.

Depending on your schedule, you may work on it for a few hours or as much as 40 hours. In the end, it’s up to you how you’ll manage it.

It’s an excellent opportunity for anybody who wants to make money while also having a good time. 

Zyia has reps from various walks of life. There are full-time mothers, bloggers, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, gym instructors, and even full-time employees of other industries. 

3- How Much Do You Need?

You’ll have to buy a starter kit if you want to join Zyia Active. The package includes five essential items, as well as a $100 gift credit you can use on Zyia merchandise.

There are two starter kits available: one for women and one for men. The kits are currently available for $295 minimum.

a) Starter Kit In The US

top questions about joining Zyia - Starter Kit In Canada

The Starter Kit costs $295, and that price will not change no matter what five products are inside the package.

Typically, Zyia provides five products in the kit. These products are a cap, a bra, a tank top, leggings, and joggers. 

There is also a $100 gift card in the Starter Kit that you can purchase from Zyia.

You get Qualifying Volume (QV) on your kit instead of Commissionable Volume (CV). The Starter Kit includes $50 worth of business supplies where you don’t claim the QV. 

On the five items included in your kit, you will earn a QV of $145. Once you’ve redeemed your $100 gift card, you’ll receive the QV.

You can expect the process and dispatching of your starter kits within one to two business days. Meanwhile, they should arrive within three to five business days upon ordering.

You can exchange your Starter Kit by shipping the products back to Zyia’s warehouse. 

 Remember that you may only swap starter kits for other sizes, not for different products.

Meanwhile, you can request a refund for starter kits by returning the products with the order number from the package and a message saying you wish to return the items for a refund.

You have to note that they impose a $2 restocking charge on each returned item. These items must be brand new, unworn, unwashed, and still have their tags attached. 

Also, you should not open the folder containing the company’s business tools. You may need to wait for the reimbursement to finish before canceling your account.

b) Starter Kit In Canada

top questions about joining Zyia

There is a $395 Starter Kit which includes a $135 gift voucher. The price will not change regardless of what is in the kit, just like the US kit.

For women’s kits, a typical starter kit contains a bra, a tank top, cap, joggers, and leggings. 

When it comes to men’s kits, additional shorts or shirts are in the package to replace the bra and leggings.

 The Starter Kit includes $50 in business supplies which is non-reimbursable. On the five items included in your kit, you will earn a QV of $145. 

Once you’ve redeemed your $100 gift card, you’ll get the QV.

Zyia ships out these starter kits up to two days upon order placement, and you can expect them to arrive within five days.

If you want to exchange the products, you need to ship them back to Zyia’s warehouse with a list of your order number and the sizes you want in exchange.

You may have to remember that you can only exchange the sizes of the items, not for another different product. 

On the other hand, you can ask for a refund for the starter kits by returning the products with the order number and noting that you want to return items for a refund.

Zyia also imposes a $2 restocking fee on each returned item. Items must be brand new, unworn, and unwashed with their tags attached.

There is also a folder containing the company’s business tools. It would be best if you leave it unopened upon returning. 

Lastly, you must wait for the return process to finish before you close your account. 

4- How To Sell Products And Earn? Top Questions About Joining Zyia

To develop a successful Zyia business, you will need to promote and sell Zyia Active.

There are several approaches to do it, and your sponsor will work with you to determine which are most effective for you.

A few ideas for promoting Zyia Active could be through live events, expos, trade shows, and social media. 

Nowadays, virtual promotions are the most common. Many use Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram in promoting Zyia activewear. 

The possibilities are infinite when marketing your item over the internet. 

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5- Is Inventory Necessary?

You don’t need to carry inventory as a Zyia rep. After a buyer places an order on your replica website, the company’s Utah warehouse fulfills it. 

You’ll get a cut of every sale made on your “replica” personal website.

6- How Much Is The Commission?

How Much Is The Commission?

Starting, you might make anywhere from 20% to 28% of your monthly sales as commission. 

You’ll get a 28 percent commission if you sell anything above $1,000. Meanwhile, you’ll earn 20% if you sell at least a minimum of $200.

Your percentage increases and you become eligible for bonuses, awards, vacations, and other benefits as you expand your business.

7- How To Avail Discounts Without Entering Business?

Once you’ve purchased the starter package, you’ll receive a 25% discount on any future purchases.

8- Is Zyia an MLM Company?

Zyia indeed uses an MLM technique to find new representatives, but it’s not a requirement. 

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to continue recruiting new reps in this organization.

Some recruits maybe people who notice what you’re doing, like the outfit, and want to become a part.

In the absence of a retail environment, Zyia Active relies on reps to offer items directly to customers. 

Zyia maintains its pricing cheaper than other competitors while providing the same high level of quality because of this tactic.

9- Is Help Available For Newbies? Top Questions About Joining Zyia

If you choose to work with a Zyia rep, they can be your supporter and partner throughout the process. They can answer any of your questions and provide you with opportunities for training. 

On this trip, you will never be alone. Other reps can also offer you information or resources that you may need. 

As a bonus, other Zyia colleagues will also be your Zyia teammates that can support you as teammates. 

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Conclusion: Why You Should Be A Zyia Rep?

As a Zyia representative, you can encourage women to feel good about themselves while expressing their style. 

Working as a Zyia representative will be a rewarding experience since it will lead the life you want. And the best part is that you’ll earn from it.