The Lulu vs. Zyia Debate

While looking for the perfect yoga clothing or activewear, you’ve probably come across the Lulu Vs. Zyia debate.

The short answer is that both are exceptional, but Zyia is much more affordable, while Lululemon boasts its “higher” quality. 

Though this is the case, there is more to it.

Continue reading as this article goes through the details of both brands.

A Woman Streching out Wearing Highrise Leggings.

Zyia Active 101

Zyia Active is a high-end Canadian brand of activewear that focuses on quality and community.

In 2019, they were the first company in Canada to sell activewear through direct sales. 

They make clothes for men, women, and children that “embrace activity with excitement, vigor, and delight.” They think working out with friends and family is more fun.

People often say that Zyia is like Lulu but much more affordable.

Zyia Leggings and Activewear are affordable but still look and feel great.

Zyia is a brand that only sells online.

Instead of having physical stores, they rely on brand representatives to build a community and sell their products.

Lululemon 101

When most people think of “yoga gear,” they think of Lululemon, a company founded by Chip Wilson in 1998.

The yoga clothing giant based in Vancouver is known for its high-end quality, technical performance, and minimalist chic style.

Lululemon sells athletic clothes for both men and women.

They also sell loungewear, streetwear, and accessories. 

They have a “cult following” of yogis and fitness fans because of their unique fabrics, high-end shopping experience, and commitment to hosting fitness events in their stores. 

Lululemon is one of the world’s most expensive and highly regarded athleisure brands.

Fans of the brand call it “Lulu.”

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Lulu vs Zyia

Since ZYIA became famous in 2019, many people who like leggings have wondered if Zyia leggings are as good as or even better than Lululemon leggings.

Does the brand offer better quality, or does this have to do with the fact that it is much cheaper?

The competition between Lulu and Zyia has spread to sports bras, running gear, and men’s clothes, leaving many wondering which is worth the money.

Even though these brands offer many similar products, they are very different in many ways.

Style-wise, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two activewear brands.

Both have vivid, bright colors, bold patterns, muted neutrals, and pretty pastels.

Since their primary audience is both women, it makes sense that their ranges are similar.

Also, Lulu tends to have many more products for women than men or children, while Zyia tries to reach both men and children.

It could be because many catalog buyers buy things for themselves and their families.


When you compare Zyia to Lululemon dollar for dollar, there is no doubt that Zyia is the better deal.

Everyone knows that Lululemon has some of the most expensive leggings and athleisure clothes you can buy. 

Because Lulu is a high-end brand known worldwide, its prices will always reflect how exclusive its products are.

Leggings from Zyia look and feel a lot like leggings from Lulu.

They are 20–30% cheaper and usually cost between $60 and $70 per pair. 

Most people buy them at Zyia parties or on the websites of Zyia reps.

Depending on where you buy them, the markup can be different.

On the other hand, in stores and online, Lululemon leggings cost between $90 and $130.

Lulu is also known for having sales infrequently.

There are a few Lululemon outlet stores and annual sales, but finding your favorite styles and sizes at a lower price takes time and effort.


Lululemon is one of the best brands when it comes to quality.

Over time, they have developed and perfected their Luon fabric, which is made of lycra and nylon and has a secret formula.

The fabric of Lululemon leggings is stretchy enough to fit all of your curves, and it stays right where you put it.

Also, the moisture-wicking properties are hard to beat, so you can work out comfortably and confidently every time.

Lulu has made several versions of Luon over the years, and each has something different.

It has more compression, a better range of motion, better body shaping, better sweat absorption, and so on. 

These workout leggings can do it all.

Zyia’s Story

Zyia is a direct sales active lifestyle brand started by a group of women after a moonlit hike in 2017.

Its mission is to motivate and inspire by making exercise fun and essential to life.

On the other hand, its philosophy is to enjoy time with friends and family.

Lululemon has often been compared to Zyia, even though Zyia has only been around for a few years.

This brand is an affordable alternative that keeps the quality of the clothes high.

In many interviews, Erin Bradley, the CEO of Zyia, has said that the company’s clothes are made in the same boutiques overseas.

This could signify that all their products are of the same high quality.

Lululemon’s Story

Young Woman In Active Wear in Yoga Relaxing Pose

Chip Wilson started Lululemon in Vancouver in 1998.

At first, it was just a tiny store that sold clothes for yoga.

It’s hard to believe that they used to only sell harem pants, given how many beautiful sports clothes they have now.

In 2014, the brand opened its first store in Europe in the famous shopping district of Covent

Garden in London. Since then, they’ve grown to have more than 400 branches and kept many followers.

They make accessories for sportswear, like mats and water bottles.

Lulu also make clothes for men and an even more extensive selection of women’s tops, bottoms, bras, and other clothes. 

Though, they still don’t have anything for kids.

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Final Thoughts

You have the freedom to choose whichever brand fits you and your budget.

Both have exceptional quality and aesthetics that could potentially suit you. 

Now that you have an idea, it is recommended that you try them out yourself and find out which one works best for you.