Is Zyia MLM – My Thoughts On Its Business Model

Zyia uses direct sales as their preferred approach in selling their products. Rather than putting up television advertisements, Zyia will introduce you to their products through someone you know. 

They use marketing funds to compensate these Zyia representatives.

As a part of Zyia’s business philosophy, they focus on creating a community that shares the same vision.

Zyia Active has representatives who have their websites where they promote their items. Customers who purchase Zyia Active goods from the reps help them to receive a commission.

The brand gets its revenue this way, so there is nothing wrong with it. As long as they provide quality items for a great deal, then everyone is happy about it.

zyia mlm

Zyia Active: An MLM?

It is ludicrous to automatically rule out businesses that use MLM or network marketing because they employ the direct sales approach.

However, if you are asking whether Zyia Active is an MLM, then it is if the representative would want to start a sales team.

However, the issue in this matter is the negative perception that comes with the fact that a business runs on MLM is a negative thing?

To be clear, MLM is merely a business strategy that other brands like Herbalife and Mary Kay have used for years now. 

But because some direct sales companies end up with bad apples, they have a poor reputation to the public now.

If you believe 99 percent of Zyia representatives aren’t making money, you’re missing out on many people who join up only to get high-quality clothing at a lesser price.

Understandably, not everyone has owned a company before; therefore, it is not upset about. 

MLM is merely a business model that Zyia utilizes, which is a relatively new marketing strategy. Compared to previous marketing techniques, they’re relying on people to spread the word.

Nonetheless, if you’re interested in finding out whether or not Zyia Active is legitimate, then consider these two things:

Is the brand primarily concerned with bringing in new salespeople or with selling high-quality products?

And do I want to use this product regularly in the future as a customer myself?

These questions are a great way to determine if you are entering a genuine brand in serving its purpose. If the business focuses on bringing in recruits, then it is a red flag.

However, if the brand uses the direct sales or MLM approach, it can be excellent. 

Also, if you think that their product is something that you would use daily, you can be a Zyia rep. It will allow you to give more honest feedback on the item when selling it. 

In this job, you can live life generally by being naturally enthusiastic about a product. It just so happens that when you share this wisdom with other people, you’ll earn from it. 

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Zyia Active: A Pyramid Scheme?

If a company doesn’t sell a product, it is a pyramid scheme, which is unlawful.

In Zyia, there is no inventory necessary for Zyia representatives since the company sends products straight to clients from its warehouses.

Zyia Active recently disclosed that retail consumers, not including the reps, account for 80% of their entire revenue.

Compared to other companies, it is high. Within a year, almost 80% of consumers are repeat customers. 

Zyia reps may earn more than other MLM companies out there. 

Generally, Zyia Active is a real business opportunity with happy customers and passionate sales representatives. 

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Final Thoughts

Zyia Active seems to have a strong brand and high-quality items. They also provide a unique chance to be more than a client and earn extra money by being a representative.

As micro-influencers, every one of us can earn money by recommending products and services. 

For example, you can use a website to do affiliate marketing. Using Zyia Active, you may earn money by referring friends to Zyia’s products.

You will enjoy using the items from Zyia, whether you are a buyer or a future Zyia rep.