Is Zyia Active As Good As Lululemon?

In the long run, the activewear style is here to stay. Since many people want to look nice at the gym, activewear evolved to include more than simply exercise attire. 

When you’re not working out, you may wear it to other appointments you have. If the trend continues, which seems to be happening right now, you may never have to change clothes multiple times.

Over time, Zyia will outperform its competition and will stay in the market.

What you dress may have a significant impact on your mood and what you want to accomplish. Going to the gym or running errands is more likely if you’re feeling better. 

Everybody can discover something they like out there since there are so many brands and so many choices.

There are various ways Zyia stacks up against the competition and why you should try it.


Zyia CEO Erin Bradley said that the international manufacturer works for multiple brands, speculated to include Lululemon. However, it is not yet a proven fact due to privacy and restrictions. 

It is a no-brainer for customers on where you should purchase when they are from the same manufacturer if ever it was true. 

Are you willing to spend more than a hundred dollars for Lululemon leggings when you can get them for $69 at ZYIA?


At times, some may feel like they are an activewear connoisseur. Most of those frequent gym-goers want their activewear to be functional, fashionable, and long-lasting, all at the same time.

However, even though some purchase more activewear than most people, they place a great deal of emphasis on quality.

High-intensity exercises and running may require different comfort levels, so there are several preconditions that activewear must-have. 

In terms of quality, brands like Lululemon, Athleta, Montiel, and Calia can be an excellent competition to Zyia for most women’s preferences. 

Fabrics from all of these companies have excellent quality and are breathable, have four-way stretch, are sweat absorbing, and can last the wear and tear despite multiple washes. 

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Leggings Cost

Leggings Cost- Is zyia active as good as lululemon?

Lululemon’s average legging costs $101.80, with the most expensive pair going for almost $150 and the least costly pair costing over $80.

Meanwhile, Athleta has the highest $118 and a low price of $90, making the average closer to $76. 

The average price of a pair of Montiel leggings is $76; the highest is $80, and the lowest is $68. 

On the other hand, Calia’s price ranges from $60 to almost $100 per pair of leggings.

Finally, Zyia costs an average of $65 per pair of leggings, making it the cheapest among other brands. 

The most affordable pair is $55, and the most costly set is only $75. When it comes to value for money, Zyia is the clear winner.

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Tanks Cost

Tanks Cost

Like all other companies, Zyia has a vast selection of tanks that suit the best in all sorts of activities and exercises. 

Zyia’s tanks range from as low as $29, and the highest costly ones cost around $49. T And there’s just one variation at that price level, while everything else is considerably closer to $30.

Lululemon’s typical price is $52, with the most expensive at $78 and lowest at $38. 

Meanwhile, Athleta has an average of $48, with their highest cost at $69 and lowest at $39.

Montiel’s average price for tanks is $34, with the most costly at $48 and the cheapest at $42. 

Lastly, Calia comes in with an average of $37 per tank, with the highest at $45 and the lowest at $30. 

If you’re going to look at the price range alone, Zyia will be your top choice. Not only are they cheap, but they also provide the same quality as the other brands.


ZYIA Active leggings outperform Lululemon in every category, including fit, functionality, and looks. 

For the ultimate Zyia fit, the Light n Tight is the way to go. It has the softness that Lululemon Align enthusiasts love.

These Zyia leggings make your behind look more flattering, and the high-waisted cut makes your silhouette better.

The 1/4 inches difference may not seem a lot, but it is already a difference between a muffin-like top and a smooth one. 


To spare you time, some of the ZYIA shorts aren’t as nice as the Lululemon Speed shorts. In this aspect, Lululemon wins the round. 

With a price difference of about $10, which depends on design elements like pockets, spending it on a Lululemon is better.

But there is a pair of Zyia shorts that you may like, which are the Mesh Energy shorts. However, its price is almost similar to Speeds so that they can tie in this area. 

Sports Bra

Sports Bra - Is zyia active as good as lululemon?

ZYIA’s bra prices are around 30% lower than most other bras in the same price range. If the quality isn’t excellent, it doesn’t matter whether it is cheaper or not. 

However, Zyia excels in the fabric mixes because it is the highest quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

For long-distance runners, you may use the Zyia All-Star bra for this activity. The bra is not irritating to the skin, so you don’t need to change it all the time. 


Sizing is another aspect that Zyia stands out beyond the others. With leggings up to XXXXL, or size 20, and bras up to a 38F, Zyia is the only sports apparel brand that goes up to XXXXL.

The brand believes that everyone has the right to wear comfortable clothes and meet their functional needs. 

Sometimes, there are clothes that you want to wear but can’t find your size. In terms of size, Zyia promotes inclusivity more than any of the brands listed.

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As far as the list goes, only Zyia and Athleta, among the many other brands, catering to a more extensive range of activities than the others. 

Athleticwear is not the forte of Lululemon, Montiel, or Calia’s because they are more into yoga gear. 

Zyia has developed clothes for hiking, biking, weight lifting, circuit training, and the yoga crowd.

Trendy Clothes

It’s a bonus that Zyia is unlike what everyone else is selling, which is one of the most favorable aspects of the brand. 

Many of their items are exclusive, but they also have an extensive list of essentials always in stock because every lady deserves the perfect activewear. 

While it might be disheartening to lose out on something you want, it’s a nice feeling to know that no one else has the same pair of leggings as you.

Final Thoughts – Is Zyia Active As Good As LululeMon?

Every Wednesday, Zyia unveils a new product, so if you missed out on one, there’s no need to worry.

Zyia indeed releases new things every week; thus, there are always fresh items in store for you. 

Zyia is an excellent option if you like being the star at the gym, minding your own business while wearing the most unique and flattering sportswear.