How to Wear Yoga Pants Without Showing Underwear Lines?

Nobody wants visible panty lines (VPLs) on their outfit. Whether we’re working out or going on a date, this is an absolute. 

So we ponder how to wear yoga pants without ever seeing those dreadful underwear lines!

The short answer is to pick what you wear underneath! 

But don’t worry; in this article, let’s go through our different choices to avoid VPLs.

How to Wear Yoga Pants Without Underwear Lines

Pick the Right Undies

Choosing the right underwear is very important, especially if you want to wear them with your yoga pants.

It needs to fit perfectly. 

You can’t wear one that is too tight because it will dig into your skin and be uncomfortable.

It will also give you those unsightly panty lines. 

On the other hand, if you wear one that is too loose, it will also cause cloth gathers, which will show up as bumps and wrinkles on your yoga pants.

So, what kind of underwear will help you eliminate panty lines from yoga pants?

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The first thing you can wear under your workout clothes are thongs, also called “no-show” or “seamless” underwear. It’s usually made so that there are no seams, so you can’t see your thong through yoga pants.

If you don’t want harsh lines on your skin, you should wear thongs made of nylon or spandex.

Before you train in thongs, try out some positions like squatting, sitting, and bending to make sure nothing is wrong.

Thongs can expose themselves in these positions, so you’d better put on high-waist pants instead of low-waist ones.

Pay attention to the rise of your yoga pants and thongs as well.

You should never wear low-rise pants with high-rise thongs. 

But when you wear low-rise pants under high-rise yoga leggings, you might be able to see your underwear lines. 

Some of the best seamless thongs come in a mid-rise style that sits an inch or two below the waistband of high-waisted leggings. 

Thongs have the fewest of any type of underwear regarding invisible underwear lines.


G-strings are like thongs, but they have less material.

If you want to avoid unwanted leggings VPL, it’s worth trying.

But it takes a while to get used to because it’s pretty uncomfortable at first.

Whether you choose thongs or g-strings, the most important thing is to get the right size so that they don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

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Seamless Panties

Seamless Panties

You could also try seamless panties if you don’t know how to wear yoga pants or leggings without showing your underwear.

This common type of underwear ensures you don’t get panty lines.

Cotton is a comfortable and breathable material, but it’s too heavy to be laser-cut.

So, seamless pants are made of manufactured fabrics like nylon or spandex.

Tip: Choose seamless underwear in a neutral color or one that matches the rest of your workout gear.

Therefore, you won’t need to worry about embarrassing panty lines in your exercise pants. 

Seamless pantyhose can be very helpful, especially if your leggings are very see-through.

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Boyshorts and cheeky panties

It is understandable if you can’t stand the way your thongs feel when you make low lunges.

Boy shorts and cheeky underwear are more casual and comfortable ways to hide panty lines. 

The main difference is that cheeky styles cut across your mid-butt like a bikini, whereas boy shorts cover almost all of your cheeks.

Both can be good choices if you wear the right color and size of leggings with them.

To hide cheeky underwear, choose the smoothest fabric you can find that matches the rise of your yoga pants. 

If you wear seamless leggings, your boyshorts will definitely show, but if your yoga pants have clear seams along the back, they might not.

No matter the cut, try to pick seamless underwear.

Adhesive (Stick-on) thongs

You can use these underwear stickers if you want to go even further than thongs.

Some of them even can be reused after being cleaned. 

Since these don’t have a waistband, they work well if you wear a tight dress with big side slits.

Just make sure the one you choose has good reviews and won’t fall off in the middle of your event.

Shapewear Underneath

Even though it seems counterintuitive, wearing a little shapewear under thinner yoga tights can help make your body look smoother.

It also stops muffin tops and panty lines from showing. 

Off the mat, it has the same effect when worn over tights or pantyhose.

Shapewear is made to give extra support, fit closely, and look good.

The thicker fabric, hidden seams, and soft, thick waistband all work to smooth and hug you in all the right places.

Go Commando in Yoga Leggings

Last, ditching underwear altogether is probably the best way to stop VPL.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to wear underwear on the mat!

This may sound strange at first, but both male and female yogis always do it.

In reality, most yoga clothes are made to be worn in single pants.

It’s normal and even freeing to wear nothing under your yoga leggings. Just make sure you’ve taken care to avoid camel toe and pick breathable, high-quality fabrics. 

Working out in as few layers as possible also means you won’t get chafing and will sweat less.

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Final Thoughts

As much as there are a decent number of options, it would be best if you still tried them out yourself.

Doing so will help you find which ones work best with your outfits.