How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings?

Bought yourself a pair of leather leggings but didn’t know what to pair them with?

No worries. 

There are many wicked ways to style up those faux leather leggings.

Stick around, and let’s explore the different recommendations within this article.

How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings

Styling Faux Leather Leggings

The first thing to think of is where you are going.

You can wear faux leather leggings in many different ways, making them a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. 

They are also easy to wear in the spring and summer.

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Business Casual

A fair warning that these leggings might not be appropriate for all offices.

However, for more business casual organizations, you may wear imitation leather leggings as a variation on jeans. 

This is assuming you also know what is best for your specific environment.

But no matter what office you work in, wear your Spanx leggings with a top that looks good and covers your butt completely. 

One easy way is to wear leggings with a long blazer and heels like a pantsuit.

Flare for Fashion

A faux leather legging with a flared shape will make a statement in the best way.

Add a bodysuit and some clunky sandals, and you’re set!

Coffee Shop Date

When sitting in a coffee shop, you should be casual and easygoing.

Whether studying for a test or working from home, you can look cute in these leggings while still being very comfortable. 

Since coffee shops are often cold, choose a long cardigan sweater or an oversized sweatshirt to stay warm and casual.

Put on your favorite white shoes or boots to finish the look.

Date Night Alternatives

Dress up these tights!

If you’re not ready for leather pants, try leather leggings with a sophisticated top and heels. 

The braided heel trend is great, and everyone loves it with leggings.

Try ankle-strapped heels and a statement bag if you’re wearing a huge top. 

If it’s cold outside, put on a long wool trench coat or a fake leather jacket on top!

Casual Weekend

The fact that these leggings are thick and have a good fit is one of the finest things about them.

This makes it easy to use as a wardrobe staple when you want to get ready quickly and have easy outfits. 

If you want to hide your butt, pair faux leather leggings with a thick sweater or tunic.

Putting on a pair of ankle boots makes you ready to go out.


Use a single color to stay on trend.

You can wear this almost anywhere because it has faux leather leggings, a sheer chiffon blouse, and comfy-chic sandals.


With a matching athleisure set, you can go to the gym or take a “hot girl walk” around your neighborhood in style.

What’s the best?

Even going to brunch or coffee doesn’t require you to change.

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Other Weekend Alternatives

Other Weekend Alternative

Bad hair day?

Putting on a beanie and fake leather leggings will make it look more like a fashion statement than a hard morning. 

A striped sweater is a classic, and the faux leather finish goes well with it.

You could wear lug sole shoes instead of sneakers. 

They can be just as comfortable but look more put together.

And this crossbody bag can hold everything you need, and the round shape adds a cool touch to any outfit.

A Night Out

Going out to dinner, a bar, or a friend’s house for a party?

Want to be comfortable and put together at the same time? 

A shirt and a pair of leggings made of faux leather are a combination that can never go wrong.

The blouse should have some shine, but not too much. 

Too much satin or sequins can make you look like you belong in Las Vegas. An excess of color can make you appear older than you are. 

But a neutral or soft metallic like this one is elegant and feels festive without being too much.

Want a bit more drama? Use metallic eyeliners. 

You just need to put a little bit on your lash line.

It adds a glimmer of shimmer that is just enough to make your eyes seem lively without going overboard.

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What Not to Wear

No Leather Jackets

This will change your aesthetic for the worse.

If you need a jacket, try an olive-colored cargo jacket, a denim jacket, or a menswear-inspired blazer.

Delicate Jewelry

Big, bold pieces can be seen as too much when worn with shiny black leggings.

When styling leather leggings, thin chains, small rings, a single watch or chain bracelet, slender hoops, or studs are often the best choice.

Not an Amalgamation of Trends

Leather leggings are a lot of styles, and they look best when paired with other clothes that aren’t as flashy.

If the rest of your outfit isn’t too loud, your leather leggings will be able to stand out.

Shine and Textures

You should only wear shiny satin or sequins on fake leather leggings in Vegas or on stage.

You want to dull the leather’s shine for daily use. 

Fleece, chunky knit sweaters, cashmere, denim, and angora are all great fabrics to wear with leggings to keep the look high-end but still approachable.


Some examples?

Imagine leather leggings like those worn by rockers with a classic tweed or plaid blazer. 

Cashmere or angora is stitched into black leather. When worn with chambray or a plaid flannel, the shine of the leggings stands out. 

You can make faux leather leggings look great by styling them like skinny pants or Ponte leggings.

This will give you the best results and keep you from looking like you’re wearing a costume.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately it still depends on your taste and what works for you. You just need to try different sets out and see for yourself.

Be confident!