Founder and CEO of Zyia Active: Erin Bradley

It all started for Erin Bradley, the founder, and CEO, on a wintry, moonlight climb when she met other women working together to get to the mountain’s summit, both physically and psychologically. 

After this joyful event, Bradley was motivated to start a high-end athletic brand based on women’s empowerment, community, and self-improvement.

Activewear was essentially a way of life for the stay-at-home parent, who cared for four small children and kept fit outside.

In addition to her and Jeremiah, several family and friends invested in the business.

Bradley was determined to repay them, so she made sure Zyia had limited inventory and didn’t accept a salary, which maintained Zyia’s cash-flow-positive at the beginning.

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How Is Zyia Currently Doing?

For Erin Bradley, the direct selling business model can help women enjoy their best possible life via social connections, physical activity, and financial freedom. 

Zyia relies on its four pillars of community, activity, uplift, and light to achieve this goal.

With the $395 beginning package, the company gives its sales reps a taste of what it’s like to run their own business. 

To be successful, Zyia salespeople do not necessarily have to recruit others or handle the merchandise.

There are now 300 full-time workers, over 40,000 salespeople, and 90,000 square feet of storage space in Bradley’s living room, where the company began with only a few relatives.

Since the launch of Zyia’s new goods in 2018, the company has generated more money every Wednesday than it did in 2018.

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Why Did Zyia Start?

Because Zyia wanted to build something that would help women become fitter, more athletic, and feel more purposeful in their lives, Bradley founded Zyia.

Going outside with buddies and doing something physical or thrilling was the most excellent way for some people to keep energetic and cheerful.

It made the founder want to be more involved in her family. 

There’s a road to becoming the best version of oneself.

Erin Bradley and her family were able to disconnect from technology and other noise sources by being active and spending time in nature.

The more she becomes physically active, the more ladies gravitate toward athletic clothing.

Bradley discovered that she wasn’t always satisfied with her sportswear. 

Bradley felt it would be great if a firm listened to its clients and worked hard to acquire the fit, durability, and design.

She wanted to start a business where the success of its customers was just as critical as its own. 

For her, a company’s success would relate to the success of its clients and end-users alike.

One of the main reasons Zyia started to build a community of like-minded women who could support one another in their mission for better health and well-being and a greater sense of purpose in their daily lives.

At Zyia, they have devised strategies for rewarding people who assist them in spreading the word about Zyia.

People may earn free clothing, vacations, and cash by sharing their love of exercise and high-quality sportswear with others. 

They have the freedom to work with anyone they choose, establish their schedule, and become their boss.

From Planning to Launching

After talking with a few people, Bradley soon formed a team of people that shared her vision for an active apparel company. 

Several friends came together to form Zyia Active, a clothing line that embodies their love of being active and friendly, their passion for style, and the desire always to look and feel their absolute best. 

For each product, Zyia takes both form and function into consideration.

Whether running a marathon, practicing yoga at the gym, or just doing chores, you’ll be comfortable and stylish in Zyia’s garments.

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