Best Zyia Products For You

You’ve probably heard of the brand ZYIA and are curious to try out their apparel.

Now, you are wondering what ZYIA’s best products are.

Stick around as this article goes through a list of their most popular products.

But first, we should know the basics about ZYIA.

Best Zyia Products

What is ZYIA?

ZYIA is a line of activewear clothes that encourages people to live healthy lives with friends and family.

They sell activewear for women, men, and kids, like leggings, tanks and tees, sweaters and jackets, and even some intimates.

It is a high-end Canadian brand of activewear that focuses on quality and community.

In 2019, they were the first company in Canada to sell activewear through direct sales. 

They make clothes that “embrace activity with excitement, vigor, and delight.” They think working out with friends and family is more fun.

Their leggings and activewear are affordable but still look and feel great. ZYIA is a brand that only sells online.

Instead of having physical stores, they rely on brand representatives to build a community and sell their products.

ZYIA Manufacturing

China is where ZYIA manufactures its clothes.

The Canadian company sells its activewear clothes made worldwide directly to customers through ZYIA representatives. 

ZYIA Active says all its facilities use ethical and environmentally friendly ways to make their products, but no public documentation supports these claims.

ZYIA Active Location  

There are no stores for ZYIA.

Instead, local reps sell ZYIA products through their own websites and by hosting ZYIA parties and other events in their communities. 

All ZYIA products are sent out from their warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the company is based.

Is ZYIA Active A Pyramid Scheme?

ZYIA Active is an athleisure brand that sells fashionable activewear through direct sales.

It is not considered a Ponzi scheme because there is a physical product. 

But the way multi-level marketing works is that reps buy the product and sell it to people in their area through their websites and Zyia parties.

In exchange, they get a commission. No, they are not a pyramid scheme.

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Most Popular Products Of Zyia Active

Light n Tight Leggings

The compression in these leggings is right where you need it. The high waistline tucks in the stomach, making it look smaller. 

It also lifts the buttocks and squeezes the legs, allowing your muscles to work at their best during those hard workouts.

We recommend buying these leggings in your usual size.

Learn more about the Light n Tight leggings here.

The Ascends

They are very soft and comfortable, but they still have enough compression to do their job when you work out.

No matter what you do, these leggings won’t tear easily. 

Great if you want to be comfortable and get the job done.

But if you want to wear these leggings, you should size down.

It fits well, gently squeezes, is fully flexible, and can’t be seen through.

They make you feel like you’re naked but in a liberated, sexy-shaped, vibrant, and colorful way.

This is if you get a red ascend hi-rise capri.

The sweat doesn’t stick to the fabric, and the seams can take a lot of washing.

This waistband is great because it doesn’t roll or dig into your skin. 

You can do even the wildest, deep, and stretchy asanas in these leggings.

Girl’s Pink Deluxe Dots Leggings

These girl’s leggings are comfortable and simple, perfect for young yogis who still want to look cute and stylish while they flow.

They are made of high-quality fabric like women’s clothes, but they are more modest and fit girls better. 

With super soft garments that wick away sweat and don’t rub, daughters can feel strong and cute while moving.

Girl's Pink Deluxe Dots Leggings

Pocket Light n Tight Hi-Rise Crop 

This legging, one of Zyia’s most popular crops, is excellent for summer workouts or hard gym training.

The firm compression is supportive and very stretchy at the same time. 

It has a nice high waistband that goes just above the belly button and stays in place no matter what.

We love that the colors are bright and don’t fade when you wash them. 

The prism pink version is quite renowned.

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The Scrunchy What

The “Scrunchy What” makes your behind look great, and the compression helps you perform better and recover faster.

These leggings are more fun and out of the ordinary. 

This is because of the leopard print. For these leggings, it’s best to stay true to size.

Brilliant Hi-Rise Legging in Black

This basic legging, one of Zyia’s best sellers, is the most versatile legging we’ve found.

It has flattened seams and a lot of spandex, which makes it stretchy and comfortable. 

They are less tight than the Light n Tight line and have a more structured waistband to keep them from rolling down or giving you a muffin top.

The nylon-based fabric dries quickly and is very resistant to pilling and shrinking.

This means you don’t have to be so careful when washing.

Black Pocket Light N Tight Hi-Rise

These high-compression leggings are supportive and feel great against your skin.

They are as comfortable as they look, whether you’re running a marathon, going to the gym, or just sitting on the couch.

The shape of the stitching is flattering, and the seams don’t dig in.

We love the tight waist that stays in place and doesn’t roll down.

If you don’t like tight fits, go up a size with this pair.

White All-Star Bra

This high-impact bra with a high neckline is one of the most supportive sports bras on the market.

It’s great for almost everything. 

It is very soft and has mesh panels that let air in to keep sweat from building up.

The T-shaped racerback style with zippers keeps everything in place while you move. 

The band at the bottom is stretchy but smooth, so it doesn’t roll or dig in.

It fits perfectly under a top or on its own, so you don’t have to worry about it in yoga class or at the gym.

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Luxe Strappy Bra

The luxe strappy bra is for you if you want to be comfortable all day.

It looks great under all sweaters and shirts with open backs and is also the most comfortable and well-fitting bra on the market. 

Stay true to or down a size if you want a tighter fit.

The Bomber Bra

This sports bra is a customer favorite because it fits well and gives you medium daily support.

We love it because it works well and has a cute design on the back of the bra. 

It looks adorable with an open-back shirt when you’re on the go. On these bras, it’s best to stay true to size.

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Olive Chill Tank

If it’s humid outside or you’re going to a hot yoga class and don’t want to be half-naked, this breezy tank is the cutest.

Aside from being loose and exceptionally breathable, it still looks good. 

Cozy but not baggy.

The whole tank top has holes to let air in and keep you from sweating. 

The water bottles are recycled into the polyester and spandex combination.

It wicks sweat away from the body and keeps air flowing.

Black Grounded Joggers

For the perfect casual but put-together look, joggers should hug or hang in all the right places.

The Black Grounded Joggers achieve this by embracing your body with a front yoke and flared pleats.

Even when your pockets are full of keys or your phone, the drawstring waist is easy to adjust and keep in place.

The light fabric has a 4-way stretch, making it great for dancing or hanging out. 

This style is a little loose, so if you want something tighter, go down a size.

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Final Thoughts

Since you can’t try on ZYIA Activewear in stores, it’s a bit harder to review them.

Luckily, their local reps help you find what you need by acting like personal shoppers.

Zyia is always putting out new products and styles.

We decided to look at some of Zyia’s best-selling classics and new styles to see if they live up to the hype.

Their products are well made, competing with other brands but still affordable.

There is nothing wrong with trying their apparel out. You just need to find the fit that works for you.